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New EGHA Website

In an effort to better serve our neighbors and improve communication, the East Gig Harbor Association has embarked on a major project to upgrade our website. We're moving the website to a commercial product called "Club Express", which will provide many benefits and new features for our members:

  • We will be able to manage association membership and renewals on-line. You'll get automated emails when your membership is nearing expiration and you'll be able to pay your annual membership dues on-line using a credit or debit card. The association will not store your credit or debit card information, so there's minimal risk associated with paying your membership dues this way.
  • The new site will offer discussion forums that will allow our memebers to share concerns, questions, or other  information with other members. You can choose to "subscribe" to emails from one or more of these forums so that. you'll receive any postings to the forums via email and you can respond to postings via email.
  • The new site includes a convenient weather and tide "widget" near the bottom of the home page, so you can quickly check the weather forecast or the tide times and levels for the day. Clicking on the widgets will open a site with more details on weather or tides.
  • The new site will provide an on-line calendar where you can see upcoming events, including all board and menmbership meetings of the association. We can also add other events of interest to the community to this calendar.
  • The new site will also provide a directory of members so that you can look up contact information for other members. Note that this contact information is available ONLY to dues-paying members--not the general public. You'll also have the ability to hide any information you choose from the directory.
  • There are a variety of other features and functions available to us that we'll continue to explore and introduce as more of our members begin to use the new site